Enterprise Strategies, LLC
Every industry is different, and every client is unique, so it's impossible to detail what your specific
responsibilities might be. In general, you’ll spend your time identifying issues, forming hypotheses,
designing and conducting analyses, distilling conclusions into recommendations, developing
strategies, implementing solutions and presenting results to the client’s management. You’ll work
closely with the client at their site, leading brainstorming sessions and delivering solutions.

It’s your career; make it your own
When you arrive at Enterprise Strategies, you won’t find a well-worn path to follow. Your direction
is mainly up to you. Making your own way accelerates your growth and inspires you to explore.
This freedom is at the root of our mission to create a firm that develops, excites, and retains
exceptional people. In practice, you’ll have a lot of influence over the projects you work on, the
people you work with, and the places you go. Your development needs or particular client needs
mean that sometimes we’ll direct you to a specific engagement. But we'll also give you the
freedom to define your own path. We offer a career where people are inspired to be the best they
can be.

We strive to Hire the Best. For our growing needs, we are always on the outlook for professionals
with deep functional and technical skills in the gamut of technologies in the following areas:

Project Management                                                   Internet-based Applications  
Enterprise Resource Planning                                  Business Intelligence
Functional and Business Analysis                           Infrastructure
Systems Architecture                                                Quality Assurance
Data Management                                                       Training
Systems Application Development                         Application Support

                           Send your Resume/CV to careers@enterprise-strategies.com  
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Your work is to
discover your
work and then
with all your
heart to give
yourself to it

If you go to
heaven without being
naturally talented for
you will not enjoy
it there.

Destiny is not a
matter of chance.
It is a matter of
choice. It is not to be
waited for, it is
a thing to be