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IT Consulting & Business Services

Enterprise Strategies gives you the ability to be as fluid and fast as the technology you’re dealing
with by putting you in touch with qualified, talented professionals from any discipline representing
every skill set. With Enterprise Strategies, you can bring on professionals that are truly part of the
team, even if temporary.

Our talented and experienced consulting team provides a range of consulting services,
Project Management                                    Internet-based Applications  
                   Enterprise Resource Planning                   Business Intelligence
                   Functional and Business Analysis            Infrastructure  
                   Systems Architecture                                  Quality Assurance
                   Data Management                                         Training
                   Systems Application Development           Application Support

From single development resource needs to engaging entire project team, our unique client
centric approach makes Enterprise Strategies the essential resource in delivering or
supporting key technology initiatives on both local and national levels.

State/Local Government & Education (SLED)

Government business can present a host of challenges:
Nationwide recruiting. Critical implementation time line. Battle with controlling costs with a
fixed budget. Technology is often out-of-date, and IT investments frequently fail to deliver. The
organizational structure is often far more complex than would be seen elsewhere, leading to
inefficiency in business practices. Have unique personnel acquisition regulations, budgetary
guidelines, laws and compliances which govern temporary personnel usage.

Enterprise Strategies specializes in keeping abreast of and navigating the often complex
procedures for government agencies to quickly acquire staff for their continually emerging
needs. Many state and local government agencies, higher education institutions and school
districts maintain contracts with Enterprise Strategies for ease of procurement of information
technology services. We currently hold contract vehicles in 15 states and provide services to
both K-12 and higher education organizations.

Our vision is to expand our reputation within the United States Government and become the
preferred partner of government facilities by providing reliable services and qualified personnel
that deliver exceptional results.

Enterprise Resource Planning & WMS

Enterprise Strategies is a renowned SAP Consulting firm that enables our clients to achieve
high-class business performance levels and realize greater return from their SAP investments.
Our analytic approach, deep knowledge of SAP solutions, the module interconnections and the
SAP internal data representation allow us create cost effective and reliable Concepts.

Wherever clients are positioned in the SAP lifecycle, we deliver the highest quality SAP
solutions through our SAP Consultants. We have the rare scope, breadth and objectivity to fulfill
client needs, whether a straightforward technical implementation or an enterprise-wide
transformational change. Due to the elegance and high quality of our service, we enjoy
outstanding reputation with our Clients.

Our SAP Services include:

Functional  expertise:    
                                  Technical expertise:                                   
SAP ERP (FI/CO, SD, MM, HR)                         ABAP Programming, Smartforms and SAPScript    
SAP CRM                                                             Web Dynpro, Interactive (Adobe) Forms    
SAP SRM                                                             EDI, ALE and IDOC
SAP SCM                                                             Workflow    

Business Intelligence (BI/BW, BO)                XI/PI
Enterprise Portal (EP)                                      Basis and NetWeaver Administration
SAP Mobile Infrastructure                               SAP Security & GRC

Warehouse Management Solutions:   
We offer highly enriched services to enable our customers to optimize the performance of their
Warehouse Management Systems. Our Consultants are highly capable of providing full
implementation support of  WMS systems to deliver the best possible solutions. We deliver  
integrated logistics solutions with a dedicated team to achieve the prime objective of decreasing
your logistics costs and lower your TCO.   

When working with software as robust and functional as PkMS and SAP, it is extremely important to
find a partner who is as concerned for your business as they are for theirs. When that same partner
can close the gap between knowing the power of SAP and PkMS and using the well enriched
experience, the possibilities are endless. For emerging businesses, Enterprise Strategies is that

Our WMS services include   
Functional and Technical expertise in PkMS Solutions
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